Five Reasons to see Carmen

1. It’s a great story.
A troubled soldier trying to turn his life around, ruins his chances in the army when he meets Carmen, who lives life to the full, breaks the rules and the law. Their relationship quickly turns sour, but he wont accept it when she leaves him, which results in tragedy. Have a look at the trailer to see how we’re telling the tale.

2. You’ll definitely know (and already love) the music.
It’s some of the best and best known music in opera. Carmen’s tunes have been featured in films like Babe, Meet the Parents, Trainspotting & There’s Something About Mary. We’ve also got a top notch orchestra and world class singers performing it for you. Lots of our singers are have sung in some of the biggest and best opera houses in the world and we’ve got them for you here UPCLOSE.

3. It’s (actually!) affordable.
Tickets start as low as £15 at most of our performances. These aren’t sitting-in-the-gods-getting-a-nose-bleed-tickets, they’re just a few feet from stage (and above a well stocked bar if you like your opera with a pint of beer or glass of wine).

4. You’ll understand it, it’s in English.
No French here. Nor pesky surtitles. This is a brand new English language version written by Olivier Award winning librettist / director Robin Norton-Hale. You'll hear every word and be able to follow the cracking story (remember that from Reason #1?). Want to hear more about their South American version? Have a look at this behind the scenes film here.

5. OperaUpClose get fantastic reviews, you know you’re in for a good time.
Carmen is a smash-hit with the press! For full reviews click here. 
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