The Barber of Seville: #5Reasons

#5Reasons why you should come see OperaUpClose's #BarberOfSeville at Hertford Theatre on Thursday 30 June...


If you're a BBC costume drama fan, you'll love this! We've transported our characters to Jane Austen's England. Fantastic characters, costume and storyline (think Pride and Prejudice and Faulty Towers)!


It's REALLY funny. Audiences across the UK have been crying with laughter at this production since 2010, The Stage called it 'Hilarious' and even better, you'll actually get the jokes because it's sung in English!


If you think that opera's boring and that nothing happens until a horned helmeted woman dies at the end - YOU'RE WRONG! This production has a cleverly staged managed love affair between a philandering count and a feisty young heroine, under watchful eye of the heroine's admiring (and creepy!) guardian, leading to disguises, punch ups and kidnaps! 


Our performance will definitely go smoother than the premiere in 1816, when calamities included a cat wandering across the stage, a singer tripping on a loose floor board and the audience meowing so loudly you could barely hear anything. 


It must be good because...
Bugs Bunny covered it [Watch here]
AND Robin Williams' version opens the film Mrs Doubtfire [Watch here]