(Left) Flora McIntosh, Tom Stoddart, Felicity Buckland, Kathryn Hannah. By Andreas Grieger.jpg



Thank you for coming to see Eugene Onegin, we'd love to hear what you thought of the production. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us in regards to future programming opportunities and reporting back to our funders, as well as helping us to get to know you, our audience, better. 

OperaUpClose. (Left) Flora McIntosh, Alexandra Stenson, Caroline Daggett, Kathryn Hannah. By Andreas Grieger..jpg
OperaUpClose. (Left) Anthony Flaum, Felix Kemp. By Andreas Grieger.jpg
(Left) Anthony Flaum, Felix Kemp, Lucy Hall, Julian Debreuil, Alexandra Stenson. (Andreas Grieger).jpg
OperaUpClose. Anthony Flaum (Lensky). Photo by Andreas Grieger.jpg
OperaUpClose's Eugene Onegin. Kathryn Hannah (Larina), Flora McIntosh (Filipyevna). Photo by Andreas Grieger.jpg
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