The Barber of Seville


New English version by Robin Norton-Hale

Rossini's classic comedy has been transported to Jane Austen’s England, a world of rich, eligible bachelors, feisty heroines and snobbish relations familiar from much-loved BBC costume dramas.

Obsequious Doctor Bartleby has designs on his ward Rosina, but she is far more interested in the attentions of a handsome stranger (actually a womanising Count in disguise). The whole affair is stage-managed by Figaro, the barber who knows everyone’s business and can fix your hair and love life with ease.

Director: Robin Norton-Hale 
Original Musical Director: Alison Luz
Revival Musical Director: Elspeth Wilkes
Original Costume & Set Designer: Oliver Townsend
Lighting Designer: Richard Williamson



Plucky and purposeful... a farcical romp. 
The Guardian

Norton-Hale's translation skids between centuries, raising a metaphorical little finger one moment, and it's middle finger the next... Cosy, goofy fun. 
The Independent

Real comic swagger
The Metro

The Stage

Depicted with boisterous joy and abandon by a superb singing cast.
Ham and High

The revival of this production in January 2015 at the King's Head Theatre was supported by Arts Council England and the Mercers' Company