Unborn in america

A Cabaret Opera by Luke Styles 

Ensemble Amorpha in association with OperaUpClose 

Welcome to The Petri Dish – the afterlife’s legendary cabaret bar for the unborn. Every night aborted foetuses clamour to hear singing sensation Ziggy recount her savage journey to hell and back in her unpredictable smash show. A cocktail of sex, drugs and exploitation, politics and celebrity, aspiration and self-destruction. This taboo-busting musical satire gives full hysterical voice to America’s culture wars, re-imagining the Brecht-Weill song-cycle in the spirit of John Waters. Dark and melodic, borrowing from jazz and tribal rhythms, Luke Styles’ first opera since completing his residency as composer at Glyndebourne, crackles with caustic humour and bold genre-hopping appeal.

Starring acclaimed performer Jessica Walker and the UK’s rising tenor Andrew Dickinson, with an ensemble of percussion, cello, oboe and piano.

Composer and Conductor: Luke Styles 
Librettist and Director: Peter Cant 
Produced by: Ensemble Amorpha and Rosalind Wynn in association with OperaUpClose 
Cast: Jessica Walker, Andrew Dickenson, Robert Gildon and Lucy Stevens 
Designer: Ricardo Pardo 
Lighting Designer: Joshua Pharo
Masks by: Holly Anne-Buck
Assistant Director: Melody Parker

Funded by the Boltini Trust, the Stephen Oliver Award, the Foyle Foundation, our incredible Kickstarter supporters, and the RVW Trust.

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